Thursday Courses

TitleSpeaker(s)TimeCE Hours
T1LectureWRDE Thursday Keynote: Connect for Keeps: Attract, keep, and build thriving talent, teams, & organizations (SOLD OUT)Bott8:30am-9:30am1
T2LectureIn Plain Sight: Confronting the Human Trafficking in the Dental SettingSwarthout9:00am-11:00am2
T3LectureSurviving back & neck pain in modern dentistry: A user’s guide for the rest of your career!Caruso9:00am-11:00am2
T4LectureThe Internal & External Tools You Must Incorporate to Grow your Practice in Economically Challenging TimesGindea9:00am-11:00am2
T5LectureHave Them at Hello: Unscripted Telephone Skills for the Exceptional PracticeEitel-Belt9:30am-12:30pm3
T6LectureTop Coding and Documentation Strategies: Maximize your Insurance ReimbursementGrobmyer9:30am-12:30pm3
T22LectureBOTOX, Dermal Fillers, and PDO Threads For The Best TMJ and Orofacial Pain Treatment (SOLD OUT)Ortale10:00am-1:00pm3
T7WorkshopCPR Certification/Recertification- BODEXPhillips10:00am-1:00pm3
T8LectureFifty Shades of Green: Forensic Dentistry in the 21st CenturyRiley10:00am-1:00pm3
T9LectureMedical Emergencies in the Dental Office: What's in Your Emergency Kit and Why?Goodchild10:00am-1:00pm3
T10LectureIntraoral and Extraoral Scanning in Implant Prosthodontics: Accuracy and ApplicationsYeung11:00am-12:30pm1.5
T11LectureSurvive to Thrive: Member Dentists OnlyBott11:00am-12:30pm1.5
T12LectureHot Topics in Compliance: Discounts, Informed Consent, and Emotional Support Animals (SOLD OUT)Kackloudis/Burdick1:00pm-4:00pm3
T13LectureDementia and the Dental Impact (SOLD OUT)Rice1:30pm-4:30pm3
T14LectureGetting Them to A.S.K. for Treatment: A Periodontal Case Acceptance ProgramSanders1:30pm-4:30pm3
T15LectureLocal Anesthesia: 6 Common Myths Explained to Make Your Local Anesthetic Techniques More SuccessfulGoodchild1:30pm-4:30pm3
T16LectureControlled Substances: Review of Pain Management, Signs of Addiction Treatment and Opioid Prescribing ProtocolsGottlieb2:00pm-5:00pm3
T17WorkshopCPR Certification/Recertification (REPEAT OF AM)- BODEXPhillips2:00pm-5:00pm3
T18LectureInnovative Periodontics: “How To” from Techniques to Product (SOLD OUT)Low2:00pm-5:00pm3
T19LectureAdditive Manufacturing: Current Capabilities and ShortcomingsYeung2:30pm-4:30pm1.5
T20LectureReeling into the Now: Conquer InstagramSampat2:30pm-4:30pm2
T21EventFriends of Dentistry- PAC Reception5:00pm-6:30pm0

Friday Courses

TitleSpeaker(s)TimeCE Hours
F1EventVIP Breakfast for AzDA Member Dentists and Prospective Members with Dr. Brett Kessler (SOLD OUT)Kessler7:00am-8:00am0
F2LectureWRDE Friday Keynote: SHED® or You’re Dead: How to Stay Alive, Thrive, and Navigate the FutureDempsey8:00am-9:00am1
F26LectureInfection Control UpdateFluent8:30am-11:30am3
F3LectureNoninvasive Treatments for Incipient Proximal Caries LesionsMacLean8:30am-11:30am3
F4LectureCourageous Conversations: Mastering the Important Conversations You’ve Been AvoidingEitel-Belt8:30am-11:30am3
F5LectureControlled Substances: Review of Pain Management, Signs of Addiction Treatment and Opioid Prescribing Protocols (SOLD OUT)Gottlieb8:30am-11:30am3
F6WorkshopCPR Certification/Recertification- BODEXPhillips8:30am-11:30am3
F7LectureSpecial Care Show and Tell: A highlights reel of products and equipment that make dentistry easierFukuoka9:00am-11:00am2
F8LectureMindful Moments: Strategies for Dementia Prevention in Patients and Ourselves (SOLD OUT)Rice9:00am-11:00am2
F10LectureIgnored Nose. Nasal Wellness: A Gateway to Overall Health and Facial Development - An Orthodontic Perspective (SOLD OUT)Kahn9:30am-12:30pm3
F9LectureHow to Manage the 4 Top Dental Conditions of Today’s Baby BoomerLow9:30am-12:30pm3
F11LectureAirway Management: Treating the Hot Air + Tongue Ties in Airway TherapySanders10:00am-1:00pm3
F12LectureStay in the Know: Recent CDT Changes, Common Errors, and Underutilized Codes (SOLD OUT)Grobmyer10:00am-1:00pm3
F13LectureErgonomics, Wellness & Efficiency for the Entire Dental TeamCaruso1:00pm-4:00pm3
F14LecturePediatric Caries Prevention and Glass Ionomer SealantsMacLean1:00pm-3:00pm2
F15LectureThe Internal Marketologist: Master Communication, Marketing & Patient ExperienceSampat1:00pm-3:00pm2
F16LectureWhat?! I'm Being Sued! How to Set Yourself Up for Litigation Avoidance and Success (SOLD OUT)Camp III1:00pm-4:00pm3
F17LectureArtificial Intelligence & Dentistry (SOLD OUT)Shah1:30pm-3:30pm2
F18LectureOSHA ComplianceFluent1:30pm-4:30pm3
F19LectureOrigins of Dental Fear: Using Trauma-Informed Care with Anxious PatientsSwarthout1:30pm-4:30pm3
F20LectureThe Bullet Proof Guide to Implant Success for the General Practitioner (SOLD OUT)Rasner1:30pm-4:30pm3
F21LectureTreating Dental Patients with Celiac Disease and Food IntoleranceKarlin/Karlin1:30pm-3:30pm2
F27EventSunset on your own terms! - Transition Roundtable Panel - Selling Your Dental Practice from All Angles: Sponsored Lunch and LearnFrye12:00pm-1:30pm0
F23WorkshopCPR Certification/Recertification (REPEAT of AM)- BODEXPhillips2:00pm-5:00pm3
F24LectureGuided Biofilm Therapy; What's All the Hype About?Hatzimanolakis2:00pm-5:00pm3
F25LectureHot Topics in Compliance: Discounts, Informed Consent, and Emotional Support AnimalsKackloudis/Burdick2:00pm-5:00pm3

Saturday Courses

TitleSpeaker(s)TimeCE Hours
S1LectureImmediate Implant Placement: When You Can and Cannot Have What You Want Right Now!Geisinger8:30am-11:30am3
S2LectureManaging Patients with Substance Use DisordersSpolarich8:30am-11:30am3
S22LectureBOTOX and Dermal Fillers For Total Facial Esthetic Dentistry (SOLD OUT)Ortale8:30am-11:30am3
S3LectureOral Mucosal Lesions: A Step-By-Step Guide to Diagnosis and Management (SOLD OUT)Patel8:30am-11:30am3
S4LectureSpa Dentistry: Keys to Building Your Unique Dental Spa ExperienceCamp III8:30am-10:00am1.5
S5LectureThe Wonderful World of Special Care : Special care concepts that can help any patient be more comfortable in your chairFukuoka9:00am-11:00am2
S6LectureAntibiotic Stewardship Practices in Dentistry: A Team Approach!Fluent9:00am-11:00am2
S7WorkshopCPR Certification/Recertification- BODEXPhillips9:00am-12:00pm3
S8LectureArtificial Intelligence & DentistryShah9:30am-11:30am2
S9LectureFiring PPO's Without Your Patients Firing youTuinei9:30am-11:30am2
S10LectureMaximizing your schedule with Today’s Rising CostQuinn10:30am-12:30pm2
S11LectureAre Current Approaches to Orthognathic Surgery Efficient? (SOLD OUT)Wasson11:30am-12:30pm1
S12Lecture"My Jaw Hurts! What do I do?”: Conservative Management of Common Temporomandibular DisordersPatel/Moriarty1:00pm-3:00pm2
S13Lecture7 Steps to Negotiating PPO FeesTuinei1:00pm-3:00pm2
S23LectureNew Rules! An Update on Sedation and Anesthesia RulesCaputo1:00pm-3:00pm2
S14LectureWhat's going on in Jaw Surgery?Wasson1:30pm-2:30pm1
S21EventHow to Profitably Grow Your Practice in Any Economy: Sponsored Lunch and LearnGeier12:00pm-1:30pm0
S15LectureFad Diets Exposed: Impact on Oral HealthKarlin/Karlin12:30pm-2:30pm2
S16LectureOral Self-Care Products: What's in Your Drawer?Hatzimanolakis12:30pm-3:00pm2.5
S17LecturePartnering to Prevent Opioid Misuse: Critical Updates for Dental ProfessionalsSpolarich12:30pm-3:30pm3
S18LectureThe Dental Provider's Role in Advocating for Patients with Voice, Upper Airway, and Swallowing DisordersDavis/Charney12:30pm-3:30pm3
S19LectureThe Myths and Mysteries of Oral Hygiene: Evidence-Based Recommendations in the Age of Dr. Google and Pinterest (SOLD OUT)Geisinger12:30pm-3:30pm3
S20LectureThe New Graduate Blueprint for Bulletproof SuccessRasner12:30pm-3:30pm3
S99LectureCPR Cancellation Fee8:00pm-8:30pm0

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