Thursday Events

TitleSpeaker(s)TimeCE Hours
T1LectureWRDE Thursday Keynote: Lead Your Evolution (SOLD OUT)Laipply8:00am-9:29am1.5
T19LectureLearn ABC`s of BOTOX. Earn more with Medical Aesthetics. Live Demo.Netto9:00am-10:59am2
T2LectureSurviving back & neck pain in modern dentistry: a user’s guide for the rest of your career!Caruso10:00am-11:59am2
T3LectureMedication Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaws: An Update Simplifying Oral Diagnosis and ManagementSedghizadeh10:00am-11:59am2
T4LectureNew Guidance for Infant Feeding: Solving the Mystery of Food Allergy PreventionKarlin/Karlin/10:00am-11:59am2
T5LectureEthics, Jurisprudence and Risk Management: Pointers from Years of Representing Dentists: BODEXMcLellan10:00am-11:59am2
T6LectureReducing Implant ComplicationsHouser10:00am-12:29pm2.5
T7LectureHit Me With Your Best Shot: Making local anesthesia more effective and more comfortable (SOLD OUT)Malamed10:00am-12:59pm3
T8WorkshopCPR Certification/Recertification- BODEX (SOLD OUT)Phillips10:00am-12:59pm3
T10LectureCBCT: An Introduction to Interpretation and Applications for DentistryParashar1:00pm-4:00pm4
T20LectureLearn ABC`s of Dermal Fillers. Earn more with Medical Aesthetics. Live Demo.Netto1:00pm-2:59pm2
T11LectureAre We Having Fun Yet? Humor and Peak Performance in the Dental PracticeChristopher1:30pm-4:30pm3
T12LectureA Comprehensive Review of Pediatric Dentistry for the General Practitioner and StaffKisby1:30pm-4:30pm3
T9LectureWhat are your plans to grow your practice in 2023? Sponsored Lunch and Learn (SOLD OUT)Carroll/Frye/12:00pm-1:29pm0
T13WorkshopCPR Certification/Recertification (REPEAT OF AM)- BODEX (SOLD OUT)Phillips2:00pm-5:00pm3
T14LectureThat`s Hot! Real Talk About InflammationSanders2:00pm-5:00pm3
T15LectureEmergency Medicine: Cardiac Emergencies and Sudden Cardiac ArrestMalamed2:00pm-5:00pm3
T16LectureOral Cancer Update and the HPV epidemic (SOLD OUT)Sedghizadeh2:30pm-4:30pm2
T17LectureSwindles, Cheats and Scams: External Threats to your Dental Office: BODEXHarris2:30pm-4:30pm2
T18LectureThe Vital Links: Connecting Dietary Patterns, Nutrition, Oral Microbiome and Oral HealthKarlin/Karlin/2:30pm-4:30pm2

Friday Events

TitleSpeaker(s)TimeCE Hours
F1EventVIP Breakfast for AzDA Member Dentists and Prospective MembersCohlmia7:00am-7:59am0
F2LectureWRDE Friday Keynote: Get READY for Rapid Change!Callis-Birchmeier8:00am-8:59am1
F3LectureGuided Implant Surgery for Predictable Restorations (SOLD OUT)Pate8:30am-11:29am3
F4LectureErgonomics, Wellness & Efficiency for the Entire Dental TeamCaruso8:30am-11:29am3
F5WorkshopCPR Certification/Recertification- BODEX (SOLD OUT)Phillips8:30am-11:30am3
F6WorkshopA Hands On Course in Pulp Therapy and Restorative Dentistry in Pediatric Dentistry (SOLD OUT)Kisby8:30am-11:29am3
F7LectureHow to Outsmart the Thief in your Practice: BODEXHarris8:30am-11:29am3
F26LectureLearn ABC`s of BOTOX. Earn more with Medical Aesthetics. Live Demo. (SOLD OUT)Netto9:00am-10:59am2
F10LectureAu Naturale: Oral Health and Homeopathic TrendsVanGuilder9:30am-12:29pm3
F8LectureDon`t Get Caught with Your Pants Down: A Look at OTC`s in DentistryBendit9:30am-12:29pm3
F9WorkshopElevate your communication; Change your patient’s behavior! (workshop) (SOLD OUT)Sanders9:30am-12:29pm3
F11LectureBAMBI VS. GODZILLA: Dealing with Difficult People: Keys to Empowered CommunicationChristopher10:00am-11:59am2
F14LectureOrofacial and Dental Trauma from Sports Injuries (SOLD OUT)Levine1:00pm-1:59pm1
F27LectureLearn ABC`s of Dermal Fillers. Earn more with Medical Aesthetics. Live Demo.Netto1:00pm-2:59pm2
F15LectureComply with Me: Take OSHA and Infection Control to New Heights- BODEXDaw1:30pm-4:30pm3
F16LectureSomething to Chew On-The Effects of Aging on Oral HealthBendit1:30pm-4:30pm3
F17LectureDreams to Reality- Starting, Buying, Growing or Transitioning Your Dental PracticePakula/Vargo/1:30pm-3:29pm2
F18LectureCreating and Sustaining a Positive Work LifeCallis-Birchmeier1:30pm-3:29pm2
F19LectureThe Surgical/Restorative Connection in Dental Implant Treatment for the General Practitioner: Why, Where, When and How for a Successful Long-Term OutcomeGrisdale1:30pm-4:29pm3
F12LectureMaximizing the Dentists Investment: Sponsored Lunch and LearnAnderson12:00pm-1:29pm1.5
F13EventICD/ACD/Pierre Fauchard Luncheon12:00pm-1:29pm0
F20LectureWill Humans Have To Look More Like Gorillas If We Are To Survive As A Species?Hang2:00pm-5:00pm3
F21LectureThe New Patient Experience: Exam and ConsultationPate2:00pm-5:00pm3
F22WorkshopCPR Certification/Recertification (REPEAT of AM)- BODEXPhillips2:00pm-5:00pm3
F23LectureAre You Air Aware?VanGuilder2:00pm-5:00pm3
F24LectureThe Older Adult: The New Face of Addiction- BODEXSpolarich2:00pm-5:00pm3
F25LecturePsycho-Social Dynamics of Infant Lip and Tongue TiesLevine2:30pm-3:29pm1

Saturday Events

TitleSpeaker(s)TimeCE Hours
S1EventVIP Breakfast for AzDA Member Dentists and Prospective MembersCohlmia7:00am-8:29am0
S2LectureDigital Complete Removable ProsthesisEl-Gendy8:30am-10:29am2
S3LectureCollaborate With Confidence to Prevent Osteoradionecrosis of the Jaw and Other Dental Complications in the Treatment of Head and Neck CancerMangum/Robbins/8:30am-10:59am2.5
S4LectureAirway And The Role Of Orthodontics In Complete HealthHang8:30am-11:29am3
S5LectureUnderstanding Dental Fear: Successfully Treating the Apprehensive PatientSangrik8:30am-11:29am3
S6LectureFundamentals of Anterior Restorations...It’s All about the DetailsGroody8:30am-11:29am3
S7LectureLessons Learned After Thirty Years of PerioAmbrose9:00am-10:59am2
S8LectureSocial Media and the Modern Dental PracticeMcNickle9:00am-10:59am2
S10WorkshopCPR Certification/Recertification- BODEX (SOLD OUT)Phillips9:00am-11:59am3
S11LectureComprehensive Health Prevention for Older AdultsSpolarich9:00am-11:59am3
S9LectureComply with Me: Take OSHA and Infection Control to New Heights- Repeat- BODEXDaw9:00am-11:59am3
S18LectureFrom Employee to CEO and everything in between: Sponsored Lunch and LearnDa Silva/Triano/Harris11:30am-12:59pm0
S14LectureThe ABC’s of Restorative Procedures for the Dental Team: Adhesion, Bands and CompositesGroody1:00pm-3:00pm2
S15LectureDiagnosis and treatment planning of the edentulous patientsEl-Gendy1:00pm-3:00pm2
S16LectureOnline Reputation Management: Generating Good Reviews and Dealing with Bad ReviewsMcNickle1:00pm-3:00pm2
S17LectureSuccessful Dental Practice TransitionsHeppner1:00pm-3:00pm2
S12LectureMedical Emergencies in the Dental Office: Why CPR Is Not Enough (SOLD OUT)Sangrik12:30pm-3:30pm3
S13LecturePeri-Implant Disease: Diagnosis, Treatment and Maintenance Therapy 101 for the Dental Team: Newest Must Know Techniques and Instrumentation for the Dentist and Hygienist For Predictable Implant Maintenance and Longevity (SOLD OUT)Grisdale12:30pm-3:30pm3

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