Try these helpful steps if you are having problems getting the online registration to start

Option 1:

The registration starts a new window. A possible problem is caused by pop-up blockers. Most web browser have the option to add in additional programs like Google's search bar or Yahoo search bar, which blocks pop-up advertising windows. See instructions with your specific program how to allow a new window to start. Additionally, web browsers themselves may block new windows from opening like in Microsoft's Internet Explorer. If you have turned off the pop-up blocker program and still are unable to start the online registration see next suggestion.

Option 2:

Minimize this web page. The new registration window may have opened and is behind this page.

Option 3:

The registration process uses a common web script called JavaScript which simplifies your registration experience. If this is turned off it may cause the registration to not start correctly. To check, click the button below and if it's working correctly text will appear in the box to the right. If you are unable to see any text, please turn JavaScript on in your web browser.


Option 4:

If you are still unable to start the online registration, please contact us at 480-344-5777.