Digital Dentistry - Goodbye Gypsum!:

Have you ever wondered what others are doing with digital workflows. Digital dentistry is much more than same day crowns. In our practice, we use digital workflows for around 95% of our procedures. This has allowed us to become more efficient and achieve better results. Come get a taste for all that is possible with digital...we have done it all!!

Learning Objectives:
- Know what is possible with digital workflows.
- Understand some of the basic concepts important to digital thinking.
- See some of the very advanced digital procedures.
- Learn why digital allows for things to be more accurate and efficient.

Nate Farley

Nate Farley, DDS, MS, FACP

Nate Farley is a board certified prosthodontist with a passion for all things digital. Dr. Farley is originally from Northern California, but completed both dental school and his prosthodontic residency at The Ohio State University. Dr. Farley is currently in private practice in Mesa, AZ at Revive Dental Implant Center. While in residency, Dr. Farley's co-resident and Dr. Farley created, a free online resource for radiographic implant identification. This passion for dental information led them to start Infodontics, LLC, a company committed to put dental information right at people's fingertips through innovative, useful, and beautiful online resources. Infodontics has also worked to put digital dentistry education online at through hundreds of videos, from simple tasks to full 2-day courses. They just love creating resources for their colleagues to love and enjoy. Back in my undergrad (Brigham Young University), Dr. Farley learned 3D modeling and animation, something that started me down a road that recently intersected with dentistry. With experience in various 3D modeling programs, he took to Meshmixer and Blue Sky Plan like a duck to water, and finds a lot of enjoyment helping others learn to use both programs to achieve fantastic results. After pushing Meshmixer to its limits, he wanted more. Dr. Farley started learning exocad to accomplish more complex prosthetics. This led to development of digital workflows for digital dentures and hybrids. If you spent any time with Dr. Farley, you'll find he is hugely passionate about digital dentistry. He always tell people that we all have our strengths and weaknesses in this small niche and my strength is CAD. His brain just gets CAD...give him 30 minutes with a new program he's never used and he will be teaching it to others in no time. Dr. Farley teaches comprehensive courses on Meshmixer, basic CAD, Advanced Surgical Guides, Digital Dentures (with Valerie McMillan), and Digital Hybrids (with Kent Howell). Dr. Farley has lectured nationally and internationally on immediate interim hybrids, implant complications, guided implant surgery, implant identification, and of dentistry. He was lucky to marry an amazing woman and have three kids, with whom he enjoys hiking, biking, and building Legos.

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