Re-Thinking the Endodontic Experience:

Innovation in endododontics represents the application of research and technology to improve treatment outcomes and to overcome the challenges encountered during the endodontic experience for both the patient and the dentist. While the patient's experience is of paramount importance, this presentation will focus on the endodontic experience for the dentist/endodontist.

Whereas CBCT technology has positively impacted diagnosis and treatment planning, it has raised expectations for 3-D healing. This, together with the implementation of minimally invasive treatment principles as well as an increased prevalence of dystrophic calcification, has added substantial stress to the operator.

By re-thinking treatment concepts and putting to rest many of the dogmas that have governed endodontics for generations, the introduction of a new laser-assisted treatment paradigm will enhance success while significantly reducing stress and improving productivity for the dentist. Concepts such as working length, apical gauging, scouting for anatomy, apical foraminal cleansing, working width, patency and patency files, recapitulation and deep dentinal disinfection will be re-assessed.

Learning Objectives:
- Discuss the role of biofilms in apical periodontitis and the limitations of current treatment protocols in complex root canal systems.
- Understand how lasers work and the role of lasers in Radial Apical Cleansing - a new protocol for the management of root canal systems.
-Comprehend that laser-assisted endodontics is not just about disinfection but also plays a critical role in the management of other treatment challenges.
- Re-think the endodontic experience for the operator and appreciate the benefits of this new treatment paradigm.

Justin Kolnick

Justin Kolnick, DDS

Dr. Kolnick received his dental degree, cum laude, from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, where he was the first dental school graduate to ever be awarded the University Scholarship for Overseas Postgraduate Study. Dr. Kolnick received his postdoctoral endodontic training from Columbia University in the City of New York. Dr. Kolnick has been committed to endodontic education, first as an Associate Clinical Professor in Endodontics at Columbia University and then as an Attending at Westchester Medical Center and an Associate Clinical Professor in Endodontics at New York Medical College. Although he no longer holds these positions, he continues to lecture extensively on local, national and international levels and has published several articles on endodontics. Dr. Kolnick is dedicated to fostering excellence in endodontics through education and the incorporation of the latest technology, and has developed a comprehensive, laser-assisted treatment concept in endodontics. Currently, Dr. Kolnick is a Clinical Mentor for Biolase, Inc. and is responsible for the Advanced Laser Training for endodontists worldwide. Dr. Kolnick is in full-time private practice limited to endodontics in Westchester County, New York.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Clinical Mentor for Biolase, Inc.

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