Every Conversation Has Consequences:

Miscommunication Costs Your Company Money Every day... Until You Fix it! Business is changing.

Organizations are shifting from productcentricity to people-centricity. Those who are adapting to this new reality are winning by creating unique and positive experiences for customers and team members. According to Gallup's workplace analytics team, "Your employee experience is your employment brand." Implementing high level, intentional communication yields these and other results:
- Comfortable interactions
- Diffused confrontations
- Harmonious exchanges

Learning Objectives:
- The foundations of an inclusive culture
- How strong workplace cultures gain momentum
- The keys to indivisibly linking team members together
- How to implement bi-directional leadership
- The ability to tap into each team member's superpowers Moreover, attendees will be given the tools that positively improve chronic problems of turnover, lack of engagement, and stagnant or declining production.

Lisa Copeland

Lisa Copeland, RDH, CSP, CVP

Lisa Copeland is a Gen X and an IRONMAN! She likes to check off her task list. Loves to socialize and have fun....but after the business is addressed. Her preferred method of communication is texting. IRONMAN™ training taught Lisa how to be successful in business communication. Attendees will feel the passion and drive of her iRONMAN principles that shape the lessons on the importance of generationally effective communication. Her career has been focused on sharing her 30 year clinical and corporate expertise, virtually or live, in diverse cultures that span the globe. In 2017-18 she had the honor of serving as President in the National Speakers Association Northwest Chapter. Lisa also received her CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) Award in 2018. Fewer than 12% of global speakers obtain this designation and she is one of three Registered Dental Hygienists internationally that have been recognized. As a virtual veteran of 2 decades, Lisa became a Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP) with eSpeakers in 2020. After working in Singapore for 5 years, Lisa relocated back to the US, and recently moved to Park City UT. Her passions in life include: triathlons, swimming, snowboarding and travel.

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