Cracking Periodontal Codes with Class: Diagnostic Decisions:

Failure to diagnose periodontal disease is consistently a top complaint filed with state dental boards. The first step in treating and managing a patient's care (with maximum insurance reimbursement) is diagnosing disease accurately, ethically, and comprehensively. As diagnostics continually evolve, dental providers are encouraged to put down the scaler and pick up the probe. Active and appropriate diagnosis leads to comprehensive and effective therapy. This course walks the dental provider through the nine classifications of health and disease as established by the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), as well as effective clinical decision-making in the management of each diagnosis. The struggle for appropriate diagnostics to maximize insurance coverage remains a common stress in the dental office. Katrina Sanders RDH, M.Ed authored a textbook that is used in dental hygiene schools to teach the foundational details behind periodontal diagnostics and coding. This course walks the dental billing team through effective coding techniques to best enable insurance coverage. We will review anatomical and clinical observations that aid in the identification of active disease as well as the system for case types and classifying diseases. Gain guidance in coding, narrative suggestions for informed refusal, and
templates for appeals to support advanced coverage by third-party payers.

Learning Objectives:
- Review clinical parameters involved in distinguishing periodontal classifications, including contrasting terms of gingival disease and periodontitis
- Discuss the paradigm shift within the nonsurgical approach to periodontal therapy
- List, describe and differentiate the various periodontal diseases
- Analyze effective protocols for implementing diagnostic, preventive and periodontal codes
- Explore future trends of periodontal classification as discussed by the American Academy of Periodontology

Katrina Sanders

Katrina Sanders, RDH, BSDH, M.Ed, RF

A clinical dental hygienist, author and international speaker, Katrina is a vibrant, passionate and charismatic award-winning educator with a unique approach to delivering continuing dental education. A distinguished speaker with many dental hygiene study clubs, Katrina’s lectures incorporate a caring, comedic and supportive style. She is passionate about educating, empowering and instilling compassion within the dental hygiene industry. Katrina’s zest for dental hygiene is infused throughout her content as she lectures on provocative topics while leaving participants with a call to action and an abundantly renewed sense of pride for their industry. Katrina is the founder, CEO and keynote speaker for Sanders Board Preparatory, a comprehensive program designed to supplement student learning and enhance understanding of concepts, terminology and procedures commonly discussed in preparation for the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination. Katrina is the Clinical Liaison, Hygiene Excellence and Innovation for AZPerio, the country’s largest periodontal practice. She works alongside Diplomates to the American Board of Periodontology to instruct on collaborative professionalism and standard of care protocols while delivering education through hygiene boot camps and study clubs. Katrina is a published author with Dentaltown, Today’s RDH, a columnist and advisory board member for Modern Hygienist and brand ambassador for Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. Her philanthropic efforts include dental humanitarian work in developing countries, supporting abused and homeless animals and spreading awareness about the benefits of organ and tissue donation. Visit: Handle: @thedentalWINEgenist.

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