The ABC's of Sleep and Airway in Dentistry:

What is all the hype about sleep apnea and why should dental practices pay attention to this medical condition?
These questions and more are part of the topics covered in this course. With the ADA's position statement, every dentist should be screening for airway problems in both adults and children. Bring your team and learn how implementing the simplest protocols can improve your patient's quality of life, enhance the services your practice offers or save a life. Come learn how the ABC's of dental sleep medicine and airway is changing the landscape of dentistry. You will be a better health care provider by being in the know.

Learning Objectives:
- An introduction to dental sleep medicine and basic physiology
- Understand the role of the dental practice in screening for airway or other sleep disorders
- Implement steps and develop a strategy with a collaborative and integrative approach in dentistry

Diana Batoon

Diana Batoon, DMD

Dr. Batoon is an international speaker in Sleep Apnea and Sleep Disordered Breathing. With her combined passion and knowledge, she challenges all in the dental and medical community to collaborate with each other to provide optimum health care to all patients. Disordered Breathing affects people of all ages and can cause more serious issues later in adult life. Not only does Dr. Batoon have the ability to influence others about the importance of identifying sleep issues among all walks of life, she has a proactive way of motivating children, parents, loved-ones and all those involved to pay attention to clues that something may be happening to their overall health.

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