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Thursday Events
Special Events
TitleSpeaker(s)TimeCE Hours
T1Virtual Craft Cocktail ClassKaplan6:00pm-7:30pm0
Friday Events
All Sessions
TitleSpeaker(s)TimeCE Hours
F12WRDE Keynote: Update with ADA President, Dr. Daniel J. KlemmedsonKlemmedson/Murphy/Olsen8:00am-8:59am0
F2Tweaked, Cracked, and Loaded: A Profile of the Addicted Dental Patient (BODEX)Brown9:00am-12:00pm3
F4It’s New, But Is It Any Better? An Update on Local Anesthesia Pharmacology and TechniquesBudenz9:30am-11:30am2
F5Myths, Hype, and Other Tall Tales About Laser DentistryConvissar9:30am-11:30am2
F3Every Conversation Has ConsequencesCopeland12:30pm-2:30pm2
F6Oral Cancer 2021: Lumps, Bumps and Lesions for all SeasonsSvirsky12:30pm-2:30pm2
F9The New Era in Oral Health: Opportunities for the Oral Health ProfessionalGlassman12:30pm-2:30pm2
F1Digital Dentistry - Goodbye Gypsum!Farley3:00pm-5:00pm2
F7Re-Thinking the Endodontic ExperienceKolnick3:00pm-5:00pm2
F8Stay out of Jail: Avoid Coding Errors and Excel in Insurance Administration (BODEX)Blair3:00pm-6:00pm3
Saturday Events
All Sessions
TitleSpeaker(s)TimeCE Hours
S1WRDE's Keynote: The Serious Business of Positive Emotions: Proven Tools to Achieve Personal and Professional SuccessKrismer8:00am-8:59am1
S3Cracking Periodontal Codes with Class: Diagnostic DecisionsSanders9:30am-11:30am2
S6Pediatric Oral Radiology: From Radiation Safety to Lesions and CBCTYepes9:30am-11:30am2
S9Solving the Three Most Common Battles between the Front and Back OfficeHenry9:30am-11:30am2
S2Comply with Me: Take Your Infection Control and OSHA Training to New Heights (BODEX)Daw12:00pm-2:59pm3
S11The ABC's of Sleep and Airway in DentistryBatoon12:30pm-2:30pm2
S8Save the tooth or what's next? Periodontal therapy for Retention of the natural dentition versus extraction/ridge preservationHempton12:30pm-2:30pm2
S5Non-Odontogenic Sources of Tooth Pain: Demystifying the Mystery of “Phantom Tooth Pain”Patel3:00pm-5:00pm2
S7Reconstruction of the Severely Atrophic Maxilla with Zygomatic Dental ImplantsBroumand3:00pm-5:00pm2
S4Einy-Meiny-Miny-Mo: Selecting the Best Sedative for Children or TeensThikkurissy3:30pm-5:30pm2