Course Viewing Troubleshooting:

Thank you for participating in the WRDE 2020 virtual convention. AzDA knows that even during these unprecedented times, dental professionals still need CE. Thank you for your continued support and to our current exhibitors and sponsors.  

How to Login & Watch
Visit and click on the "Live Stream" button or "View Webinars" from the navigation.  Enter your registration ID: xxxxxxxx  and you'll see your courses.  If you need help, contact or at (480) 344-5777 ext. 305.

Change Courses 
Some of your original courses from the in-person WRDE may no longer be available on our virtual platform. After logging into your courses, you can easily change courses using the "Add Course" button at the bottom of the page. Removing a course can by done by clicking the "Remove Course" button below the speaker's picture. If you need help, contact us or at (480) 344-5777 ext. 302.

CE Certificate
A CE code will be announced by the speaker at the end of the course. Before the code is announced, make sure you are logged into your courses. After logging into your courses page, click the button that says "Feedback / CE Certificate" by the course you just viewed. Enter that code, give feedback on the course, and your CE certificate will be issued. If you need help, contact or at (480) 344-5777 ext. 309.

We're excited about sharing this new experience with you. 

If you have other questions about WRDE, please contact