Teamwork! It Makes The Dental Dream Work!:

What a challenge it is to build a "close knit, cohesive" team from a mere "group of individuals"! And what a great difference there is between the two.
- How do we find the right people?
- How do we encourage spirit, commitment, and motivation?
- How do we continue growth and results?
- What makes those top teams seem to "tick"?
- How does having a good team lead to the practice's success/better patient care?
- How does it affect the patients, their response to us, and their cooperation?
- What is Doctor's Role on the team and his/her affect on the morale, the tone and productivity of the practice?

Teamwork Can Work! It can create higher productivity, greater self-esteem, enhanced appreciation, improved communication, and more fun on the job! We will discuss the principles of being great and the characteristics of highly effective teams as determined by a survey of quality, accomplished dental teams (all specialties included).

Are you the Team Player...or the Team Slayer? The difference is vast and most practices have both present on any given day.

Such an important topic and such a valuable lecture - filled and with common what if's, simple how to's recognizable who are's and practical do's and don'ts!!! Bring your questions, your team dilemma's and your office's success stories to share with others. Let's learn together and, hopefully, we can all improve together, because. . .
Together Each Achieves More !
Gain Insight Into:
1) Characteristics to look for in potential employees
2) Negative Characteristics to look for in those employees
3) The expected role of the Doctor on the team
4) Ways to gain team commitment and to continue motivation

Learning objectives: Come To Learn . . .
• What traits make a great or not so great team?
• How do you stay motivated??
• What makes teams "happy" and cohesive and others not?

  • CE Credit: 3
  • Audience:
Rosemary Bray

Rosemary Bray

Rosemary Bray is an Orthodontic and Dental speaker, trainer, and consultant specializing in the New Patient experience, delivering extraordinary customer service, promoting terrific teamwork and excellent communication for the entire team and in creating an overall positive patient experience. During her 30 years as a team member herself in General Dentistry and Orthodontics, she learned how the role of the team member is critical to the success of the practice and to the satisfaction of the patient. In 1998, she “retired” from her San Diego Orthodontic practice to travel the world and teach her passion for the profession to others. She was one of the founding members of the Pacific Coast Treatment Coordinators Study Group and also of the San Diego Dental Office Managers Study Club. Rosemary now proudly celebrates her 50th anniversary in teeth! Yes, that was 50!! She taught oral hygiene and Dental care to 400 children from 37 different countries at the International Community School of Zurich for two years while she and her family lived in Zurich, Switzerland for a 4 year period. A tooth brushing program was instituted in the primary school curriculum as a result and her program is still ongoing today. Those International kids are brushing at school! She has presented hundreds of lectures and workshops since 1994 and has trained thousands of Orthodontic and Dental professionals around the world, having worked in ALL 50 United States and on every continent except Antarctica. She has become recognized as a leading authority on Orthodontic and Dental customer service, the Orthodontic New Patient Experience and the value and meaning of true teamwork. Her in-office consulting is limited to Ortho and Pedo practices, while her speaking audiences can be of any specialty in dentistry, as the topics are universal in nature. She has lectured nationally and internationally on behalf of the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), most Orthodontic companies, various dental societies, and Ortho and Dental study groups and for her own workshops and seminars. She was honored to be the Staff Program Co-Chair for the AAO Annual Session in Chicago and has been featured in 25 consecutive AAO programs. She is a speaker at most Dental meetings as well, such as the ADA, CDA, Yankee Dental, Star of North and of the South, AAPD, Dallas Dental, Chicago Mid-Winter, and the prestigious Hinman Dental meetings. Rosemary is a Past President and Board Member of the San Diego Children’s Dental Health Association (a non-profit Dental clinic in San Diego which treats approximately 500 needy children each month). This is a last resort care facility which relies on donation alone to operate. In 2007, they began to finally provide Orthodontic care as well as quality Dental care! What an honor to be part of such a giving community. She has been a visiting instructor in the Orthodontic Department of the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco where she donated her knowledge and experience to the future Orthodontists studying there and has spoken at many Orthodontic schools as a gift back to the profession. She serves on the Board of Directors for the American Association of Orthodontics Foundation (AAOF), which supports and promotes education and research in orthodontics. In 2019 she is introducing a new program for the AAO called ADORE, Auxiliary Donor to Orthodontic Research and Education where Team Members can contribute to the education of tomorrow’s doctors who will be treating their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, ensuring them of a well-educated, dedicated Ortho specialist. Rosemary has also served on the Education Committee for the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists (PCSO) and has assisted in planning numerous Annual Sessions for that society.