Dauntless: Journey to Make Smiles and Keep Smiles:

Be inspired by the journey of Dr. Usa Bunnag, an immigrant from Thailand who migrated to the US at 14 and became the first woman dentist in the US to receive the ADA Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2017 and the International College of Dentists, USA section, 2019 Distinguished Humanitarian while having two dental practices and caring for her husband who suffered from a massive brain hemorrhage. Through her organization, Smiles on Wings, she helped to transform and uplift the lives of many young women from remote villages of Thailand and change these communities. Her dedication and perseverance are creating a lasting impact on these young women and a new generation of givers to the world.

You will learn:
1. How to create a meaningful life and be part of the catalyst to change the world.
2. How to be resilient and to overcome your obstacles.
3. How to set goals and achieve them.
4. How to deal with stress through mindfulness meditation technique and positive neuroplasticity practice.
5. How to lead and inspire others.
6. How to be the best of yourself.

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Usa Bunnag

Usa Bunnag, DDS, FACD, FICD

Dr. Usa Bunnag is the first woman dentist to receive the Humanitarian of the Year Award from the American Dental Association in 2017. She is a general dentist with two dental practices in Maryland. In 2003, Dr. Bunnag founded Smiles on Wings to bring dental care and humanitarian aid to villagers in northern and southern Thailand. Her journey with Smiles on Wings included more than 20 missions to remote and rural villages in Thailand and the 2004 Tsunami Relief mission; building a permanent dental clinic for a school that was destroyed by the 2004 Tsunami (serving more than 800 orphans); creating a mobile dental project in northern Thailand; creating scholarship and leadership empowerment program for Karen tribal girls in Maesariang, Thailand. To date, nine students graduated and became a nurse, a teacher, health officers all returned to their villages and hometown to work. In 2020, Smiles will graduate another five scholars. In 2009, Dr. Bunnag’s husband had a massive stroke that left him paralyzed on one side of his body and needing full-time care. Despite her husband’s stroke and the hardship of becoming a caretaker, Dr. Bunnag did not give up on Smiles on Wings. Through her tenacity and determination, Smiles on Wings is now celebrating 16 years of success and working on continuing to expand the scholarship program to empower many young Karen tribal girls to become the givers of tomorrow. Dr. Bunnag is a well-respected comprehensive dentist with two thriving 21st Century laser and digital and laser dental practices in the US. She is a Cerec dentist with over 13 years of experience in extensive Cerec technique. She is a Solea Convergent laser user and a active 3D printing user. Dr. Bunnag teaches Introduction to 3D printing for orthodontic application and hands-on course. She is extensively trained in occlusion, implant dentistry, 3D printing dentistry, laser dentistry and orthodontics, Botox and Sleep medicine with Dawson Academy, Dr. August de Oliviera, Dr. Brock Rondeau, Dr. Georgie Minieki. Dr. Bunnag is a native of Thailand and migrated to the US when she was 14. Her journey as a woman, an immigrant, a wife, a mother, a humanitarian, a dentist, a caregiver, had many obstacles. Through her fearless attitude, she conquered them and will continue to conquer whatever she is faced with.