Early Career Financial Management:

With skyrocketing student loan burdens, plateauing incomes, and less control over their practices, financial issues have become an increasing source of stress for dentists and physicians alike. Early financial planning is no longer optional, but a mandatory part of ensuring both financial and professional stress. It reduces financial stress, burnout, and suicide while improving the doctor-patient relationship and satisfaction for both parties by allowing the doctor to quit worrying about money and focus on her patients, family, and well-being.

• Describe how financial planning reduces burnout and improves patient care
• Outline necessary steps to eliminate student loans within just a few years of completion of training
• Demonstrate the tax, estate planning, asset protection, and investment benefits of retirement accounts
• Discuss the types of insurance you need and those you do not
• Describe how to get good advice at a fair price

  • CE Credit: 1.5
  • Audience:
James Dahle

James Dahle

James M. Dahle, MD is a practicing emergency physician and veteran from Salt Lake City, UT. He developed a passion for personal finance and investing early in his career after being ripped off by a variety of financial professionals. After a lengthy self-education process, he realized nobody was teaching this material to physicians and similar high-income professionals and many of them were making the same mistakes he made. He has been helping them avoid those errors and get their financial lives in order since 2011 when he founded The White Coat Investor website. It rapidly grew into the most widelyread, physician specific website in the world. His first book, The White Coat Investor: A Doctor's Guide to Personal Finance and Investing, has remained an Amazon top-seller since publication in February 2014. He is convinced that increasing the financial security of doctors enables them to be better partners, parents, and doctors along with reducing burnout, decreasing suicide risk, and improving patient care.

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