Yoga Class: Movement, Mindfulness & Meditation:

Come learn learn to tune into you. Yoga means to "yoke" or "unite" joining the body, mind, breath, emotions, awareness and connect with sense of self. We will begin our session by looking at ways to connect Breath and Gentle Mindful Movement. This practice can help shift our energy so we can be more present, clear and alert while we do our tasks of the world and have more time for the things we love. Connect with tools to become more mindful and aware in each moment. We will learn to notice when we are not present and how we can quiet our mind even for just one moment. Find techniques to ease stress and tension within your body.

In Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation participants experience techniques to connect the
mind, body and breath through:
• functional movement
• posture and alignment
• breathing exercises
• meditation

This session is intended to help people gain a deeper connection with the physical reaction of stress in the body and how to relax the mind through various forms of practice.

Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation uses the practices of Yoga. It is intended for all ages, backgrounds and abilities. This practice will be fun and fun-ctional: so you will remember to use it in your life. Lara will guide you through a guided meditation practice to help you integrate and embody all aspects of yourself.

Lara Rosenberg

Lara Rosenberg

Lara Rosenberg uses a blend of Eastern and Western healing practices to embody a deeper connection within Oneself. Lara found yoga in her early twenties as part of her journey to self healing. Lara owns OM3 Yoga, is the Trauma Yoga Consultant for The Meadows Behavioral Health and Warrior Goddess Facilitator. Lara’s yoga training includes Ashtanga, Anusara, Hatha, Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Trauma Informed, Body Awareness, Somatic Release Movement and a variety meditation practices including iRest. Some of her main teachers are Dave Oliver, Martin & Jordan Kirk, Dharma Mitra, Asana Andiappan, David Romanelli, Ian Lopatin, Tao Porchon Lynch, David Emerson, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and Dr. Richard Miller. Other major influences in Lara’s teachings are Michael Meade, Girish Jha, Andrew Ecker, Lisa Saylan, HeatherAsh Amara and the Toltec Teachings of don Miguel Ruiz.