Medical History and Informed Consent- The Most Important Discussions That You Will Ever Have With Your Patients:

The most serious issues in dental malpractice and negligence will involve the areas of the patient medical history and the informed consent discussion. Is your medical history complete and honest? Have you obtained a valid informed consent from your patient prior to treatment?

This half day course will cover these issues so that you will know the why, where, and how to have a valid informed consent that holds up in court. After this course you will look at your medical history taken in your office in a totally new light. And you will never hear from a patient "the doctor never told me that" again. Actual dental malpractice cases that have been heard in court will be analyzed and reviewed that involve these crucial areas.

Participants will learn:
• The critical importance of obtaining a complete and honest medical history, and how to achieve that goal.
• Elements that must be covered with the patient to make the informed consent valid and able to defend the dentist in court.
• How, when and where to obtain the informed consent and how to document that the discussion took place.
• The importance of obtaining medical clearance before commencing treatment and how to document it in the records.
• The important place that documentation has in dental malpractice.

  • Course Code: F4
  • CE Credit: 3, Meets BODEX Standards for Ethics and Jurisprudence
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  • Supported by:The Cincinnati Insurance Companies
Mitchell Gardiner

Mitchell Gardiner, DMD, FAGD, FACD, FICD

Dr. Mitchell Gardiner is a 1977 graduate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ. He is a full time general dentist in a multi-specialty practice in NJ. For over 25 years Dr. Gardiner has reviewed dental malpractice lawsuits as an expert witness. He lectures throughout the United States and Canada on various issues of dental malpractice and standards of care. Dr. Gardiner is Assistant Clinical Professor of Restorative Dentistry at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine and teaches clinical fixed prosthodontics. Dr. Gardiner has been awarded Fellowships in the Academy of General Dentistry, The American College of Dentists, and the International College of Dentists.