Read My Face:

Dentistry should coexist and blend in with facial features not only in a static environment but the most important with facial dynamics. The Smile Project is a remarkable blend of prosthodontic science, engineering, architecture, and artistry. From physical to psychological and philosophical factors, golden or non golden teeth proportion, muscles, teeth position in contrast with gingival and lips architecture, face asymmetry, lips asymmetry, bony anatomy of the jaws and face , nose and eyes are only few elements to be taking in consideration when we are restoring a smile. Overwhelming plastic surgeries and fillers crises can dramatically influence the smile appearance. Understanding the correct treatment planning and steps priority in smile design reconstruction for function and esthetics is crucial. Reading the Face is the first step that we should follow before any teeth restorations or any facial esthetics procedures.

Objectives :
• Read My Face - the importance of videos and pictures to illustrate the static and dynamic aspect of the face in relation to smile
• Where do you start ? Understanding the correct steps in treatment planning. Create your vision.
• Incisal tooth display rule : gummy smile vs lack of tooth display
• Importance of Interdisciplinary Approach- orthodontics/ orthognatic surgery / oral surgery/ periodontics / prosthodontics/ plastic surgery/ fillers / smile design approach
• Vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO)
• U- veneer kit - easy way to create a mock up at the chair side to determine the ideal tooth display position
• Motivational mock up illustration for case acceptance
• Case acceptance key factors - Dr. Tuttle 's Work flow for a full rehab case acceptance
• Partially or complete edentulous patients and aging appearance concept.
• Gummy smile diagnosis and treatment planning in relation to natural dentition or veneers
• Importance of implant rehabilitation patients regarding the smile, face and forever young concept
• Dentist - Lab technician collaboration
• Plastic surgeon / Dentist Collaboration

  • Course Code: F19
  • CE Credit: 3
  • Audience:
Delia Tuttle

Delia Tuttle, DDS, MD

Dr. Tuttle is a dual trained dental professional who became and practiced as a physician before she fell in love with dentistry. Her passion for medicine led her towards the medical aspect of dentistry and she devoted herself to soft tissue engineering using patient, own blood derivatives. Dr. Tuttle owns a private practice in California. She graduated from UCLA, 2009 with Dean’ s Leadership award and since then she became an international and national speaker. She educates dentists and specialists on Gum Drop Technique, root coverage procedure using biological factors A-PRF and i- PRF. If that is not enough, Dr. Delia Tuttle developed an international movement empowering women in the dental field called Divas in Dentistry.

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