The Culture Equation: AzDA Member Dentists Only:

AzDA Member Dentists ONLY

How do Apple, Disney, Nordstrom and other Fortune 500 companies create a culture that overcomes competition, price and economy? You can learn exactly how to do that in your business if you understand the equation to do so.

In this session, Dino will share with you the best practices some of the most successful companies in the world use and how you can duplicate their success.
If you have ever worried about price shopping, new competition, competing with corporations or how the economy will affect your business, then you obviously do not understand the formula to overcome all of that.

In this session you will learn how and why most business owners get stuck in a world of disdain for their business instead of deliberately designing a company that thrives year after year.

When you master these simple but powerful strategies, your team will have more harmony, your family will see you happier and your bank account will magnetize money to it like never before. Sound like a tall order? If it's good enough for Coke, IBM and Microsoft, it's probably good enough for you.

Attendee Take-a-ways:
• Understand how to attract the right players on your team and clients to your service.
-How to create a "cult"-ture around your business that will have people marketing for you.
• The most powerful thing you can do to become a better leader and business owner, over night.

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Dino Watt

Dino Watt

Dino Watt was born and raised in southern California. It was there, at the age of 5, where he first met his wife of over 20 years, Shannon. Dino has always had a passion for improving relationships and realized early on in life that everything he ever wanted or has is due to his relationships with other. While mentoring a client through his ground breaking program The Business of Marriage, the client asked if Dino had any programs that would help him strengthen the relationships in his Orthodontics practice the way he helped him in his marriage? From that simple conversation the CORE business management training program was born. From his early days as a dancer for Disney to managing a department at Nordstrom, producing his own pre-Youtube web show and now as The Relationship Expert for the last decade, Dino knows how to show people how to get what they want if they just focus on strengthening their relationships. The creation of the CORE business management training program has given Dino’s clients a systematic way of honing over 25 years of experience for the benefit of his clients. When he’s not working, Dino loves to go to the movies with Shannon, play golf with his son, roller skate with his daughters, and he never met a bowl of chips and salsa he didn’t like.