Meth Mouth: A State of Decay:

With methamphetamine being the second most widely abused drug in the world, it is likely that you are treating patients who use methamphetamine and have "meth mouth"; teeth that are rotted, blackened, and broken. Many clinicians are not aware of the signs and symptoms of methamphetamine use, or the medical, legal, and ethical issues associated with treating the addicted patient. Being aware of patients'
substance abuse histories is the first step towards patient and practice safety.

With more than 20 years treating "meth mouth" and publishing research, Dr. Ronni Brown understands the behavioral and clinical challenges that the dental team faces when treating the addicted patient.These patients can be treated successfully and the dental team can play a pivotal role in changing the direction of these patient's lives.

In this interactive, multi-media presentation, discover why methamphetamine is the "hot" street drug and why users will give up their smile for a meth high. Learn how to become aware of methamphetamine use in your practice and how to communicate your concerns to your patients. Receive effective, safe, and realistic strategies for treating patients who have "meth mouth". Recognize your professional responsibilities and your own personal boundaries in treating the "addicted" patient.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand what methamphetamine is and why it is more addictive than other street drugs
• Learn the signs of methamphetamine use that are evident during a routine clinical exam
• Explore the realities of addiction and how to discuss substance abuse with patients
• Discover the do's and don'ts to treat methamphetamine users safely, effectively and with confidence

  • CE Credit: 3, Meets BODEX Standards for Chemical Dependency
  • Audience:
Ronni Brown

Ronni Brown, DDS, MPH

Dr. Brown is a dynamic, engaging, and influential presenter who captivates audiences with her experiences treating “meth mouth” patients at a detention facility. As a clinician, educator, and researcher, she brings a unique perspective to the topics of addiction and dentistry and helps audiences understand the impact of substance abuse on oral health and treatment outcomes. Her research on the effects of drug-use patterns on the severity of “meth mouth” has garnered national interest, was published in the Journal of the California Dental Association, and has positioned her as a leading national expert on “meth mouth”. Dr. Brown is among a growing network of dentists nationwide who have been recognized as a “champion of evidence-based dentistry” by the American Dental Association. As a public health dentist and researcher, Dr. Brown promotes the application of scientific evidence to guide treatment decisions, enhance patient education, and improve clinical outcomes. She has provided more than a dozen expert opinions for the Dental Board of California (written reports) and has been an expert witness in administrative hearings for the Dental Board, rendering an opinion regarding standard of care based upon scientific evidence.