The Biomimetic Number:

How many full coverage crowns did you cut in the past week, month, year? If the intact tooth guides our structural analysis, material selection & restorative plan; we will create a highly bonded restoration that mimics the biomechanics of the intact dentition. Biomimetic dentistry preserves pulp vitality through tooth conservation and advanced adhesive techniques. This restorative approach ensures a strong connection top to bottom and side to side. What is the key to increasing the longevity of an adhesive restoration? The simple answer: maximize bond strength and decrease polymerization stress. In this lecture we will introduce strategies to increase bond strength and techniques to reduce polymerization and residual stress. Mastering these concepts should answer the first question: Zero

Course objectives:
In this lecture participants will learn
• Alternates to full coverage crown restorations through
• Bond Maximizing Protocols 1. How to create a caries free Peripheral Seal Zone 2. Understand the • Hierarchy of Bondability in deep preparations 3. Increase your bond strength for indirect restorations 400% through Immediate Dentin Sealing with gold standard adhesives 4. Deep Margin Elevation

How to stay bonded long term through
Stress Reducing Protocols 1. Composite Layering Strategies that doubles dentin bond strength 2. Pulse and slow start curing protocols to delay polymerization stress 3. C-factor analysis & Fiber Placement 4. Indirect/Semi-Direct & Stress Reduced Direct Composites for structurally compromised teeth.

  • CE Credit: 6
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Davey Scott Alleman

Davey Scott Alleman, DMD

Dr. Alleman currently practices in Provo, Utah with his father Dr. David Alleman with a focus on biomimetic dentistry. He received his Doctor of Dental Medicine from Roseman University of Health Sciences in 2015. He has practiced dentistry and stationed in Seoul Korea and Ft. Huachuca Arizona for the US Army. He is an instructor at the Alleman-Deliperi Center for Biomimetic Dentistry and is passionate to improve dental outcomes through minimally invasive biomimetic dentistry. He has been published in Journal of Operative Dentistry and Inside Dentistry. He is very active in documenting his cases and dental progress on Instagram @davey_alleman_dmd.