Thursday Events
Dental Hygienist Sessions
TitleSpeaker(s)TimeCE Hours
T1WRDE's Keynote: The Art of Communication and InfluenceWatt8:30am-9:29am1
T4Mission Possible: Having the Practice of Your DreamsMaguire10:00am-12:00pm2
T6All TMJ Patients are NUTS, right? How to evaluate, diagnosis and treat the most common TMJ problemsSpencer10:00am-1:00pm3
T7The Role of the Dental Health Care Professional in Pediatric Nutrition and Oral Health Care for Food Allergic ChildrenKarlin/Karlin10:00am-1:00pm3
T16Do Your Patients Have the GUTS to LIVE LIFE WELLOdiatu1:30pm-3:30pm2
T18KNOW YOUR R.O.H.: Uncovering the potential of your hygiene teamSanders1:30pm-3:30pm2
T20A Complete Guide to High Tech Dentistry in a Paperless OfficeFlucke2:00pm-5:00pm3
T22Treatment Considerations to Replace the Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisor: A Multidisciplinary ApproachHess2:00pm-4:00pm2
Friday Events
Dental Hygienist Sessions
TitleSpeaker(s)TimeCE Hours
F2Beyond the Tonsils: Dentists and Dental Hygienists as Non-Physician Primary Care ProvidersHein8:00am-12:00pm4
F3FIVE Patient Lifestyle Habits that Influence HealingOdiatu8:30am-10:30am2
F10Minimal Intervention, Maximal Outcomes: The use of minimally-invasive dentistry to maximize aesthetic and functional outcomesVolker9:00am-12:00pm3
F7Noninvasive Caries Management TechniqueMacLean9:00am-12:00pm3
F13Targeting Obesity in Dental PatientsHein1:30pm-4:30pm3
F14The Coachable, Capable, & Unstoppable Dental TeamReed1:30pm-4:30pm3
F16Don't Get Caught With Your Pants DownBendit2:00pm-5:00pm3
F17Medical Histories and Medical Emergencies: Vital Signs for the Dental TeamKleiman2:00pm-5:00pm3
F18Meth Mouth: A State of DecayBrown2:00pm-5:00pm3
F21Defuse Angry Patients Before They’re a ProblemSivak3:00pm-4:30pm1.5
Saturday Events
Dental Hygienist Sessions
TitleSpeaker(s)TimeCE Hours
S1Gut Check: Understanding the MicrobiomeLow Dog8:30am-10:00am1.5
S7Vaping - A Viable Alternative or Danger in the Air?Collins8:30am-10:30am2
S3It's Medically Complicated: Essential Pharmacology for Treating Medically Complex Dental PatientsViola8:30am-11:30am3
S23How to Detect Early Orthodontic IssuesChen9:00am-11:00am2
S14Herbs and Essential Oils: The Good, Bad and UnknownLow Dog1:00pm-4:00pm3
S15Infection Prevention, OSHA and Working with the ADF Toolkit: Reducing Your Legal and Financial Risks with A Minimum Amount of EffortCarl1:00pm-4:00pm3
S16Managing the Spectrum of the Aging Autistic PopulationCollins1:00pm-3:00pm2
S17Take It On The Run Baby! Cannabis and Other Substances, Clinical Considerations and Patient Care PlanningViola1:00pm-4:00pm3
S98$5 Donation to Arizona Dental Foundation7:00pm-8:30pm0