April 4-6, 2019 - Glendale, AZ

Sneak Peek at the 2019 Lineup

The Prescription Opioid Crisis: Impact on Dental Pain Management


Wake Up Your Practice! Dental Sleep Medicine for you and Your Team

Veterinary Dental Today: A Summary of the Development of Dentistry in Veterinary Medicine and Zoo Animal Dentistry: A Selection of Captive Wildlife Dentistry Cases in Arizona

Hot Topics in Infection Control

The New Spin on Polishing: A Look at the Science the Surface and Product Selection and Managing Dentin Hypersensitivity: A Continuous Care Strategy

Marketing, Human Recourses and Customer Service

Dental Assisting, the Next Level; Anterior Composites, Advanced Procedures, Technical Tips

Periodontal Basics: What to Look for to Diagnose Disease Early Before It is Too Late

Implant Therapy and the RDH

Dental Practice Transitions

The Puzzle of Non-Odontogenic Pain – How to Account for Pain When You Can’t see a Cause

Management of Common Esthetic Dilemmas: An Interdisciplinary Approach

The Secret Sauce – the Hidden Ingredients of Highly Successful Teams

Neuro Sequencing Integration

The MacGyver Principal in Dentistry

The Nutrition Prescription and Integrative Medicine

The Aesthetics of Occlusion: Back to the Future!

Posture Perfect: Exercise is Medicine!

Special Needs Dentistry

Becoming the Go To Dentist and Ignite Your Team

Keys to Social Media Success


Surgical Restorative Implant Success by Design

Clinical Records Prevent Criminal Records – Do Dentistry, Not Time

It’s Time for a Rodent to Run Your Practice—

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: the Jewels and Gems of Oral Pathology

Say What You Like. It’s Your Body That is Talking!—

Oral Sedation

Avoiding Litigation

7 Proven Steps to Negotiating Increased Fees/Allowable’s with Insurance Carriers

Soft Tissue Management