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Beginners. intermediate or advance implant placement course considering soft tissue management around implants

Long-term successful outcomes with implant therapy are based on a number of variables. Among these, the critical expertise of the peri-implant soft-tissues and subsequent therapeutic interventions are considered key factors. This course will increase your theoretical and practical expertise allowing you to treat your patients according to the current state of art. This course will also cover the challenge between hard and soft-tissue management around dental implants. Choosing the correct timing, technique and the appropriate flap design for a successful implant treatment will lead to an excellent functional and aesthetic outcome. The instructor will discuss how to maintain good periodontal health through soft-tissue management and when it can be accomplished.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand different grafting techniques for an immediate or delayed implant placement
• Explore best flap design for implant surgery
• Improve tissue quality for implants from endentulous arches to single implant cases
• Discover simple soft-tissue manipulations to create emergence profiles
• Understand PRF and tissue healing
• Determine how to manage complications
• Review what to do when the buccal plate is missing

  • Course Code: F22
  • Time: 2:00pm-4:59pm
  • Location: Renaissance Main Floor, Cira C
  • CE Credit: 3
  • Audience:
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Delia Tuttle

Delia Tuttle, DDS, MD

Dr. Tuttle is a dual trained dental professional who became and practiced as a physician before she fell in love with dentistry. Her passion for medicine led her towards the medical aspect of dentistry and she devoted herself to soft tissue engineering using patient, own blood derivatives. Dr. Tuttle owns a private practice in California. She graduated from UCLA, 2009 with Dean’ s Leadership award and since then she became an international and national speaker. She educates dentists and specialists on Gum Drop Technique, root coverage procedure using biological factors A-PRF and i- PRF. If that is not enough, Dr. Delia Tuttle developed an international movement empowering women in the dental field called Divas in Dentistry.
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