Dental Practice Transitions: Making Sense of It All:

The business of dental practice transitions is constantly changing. As young dentists are looking for quality dental practices to either purchase or affiliate with as associates, senior dentists are planning to transition into retirement from private practice and are seeking someone to take over their legacy.

If a person is either seeking to buy a practice, sell a practice, become an associate, or form a partnership with a colleague, building a knowledge base of how to construct these "transitions" is what this course is all about.

Attendees will learn how to plan for a successful transition either into or out of private practice, how to intelligently determine the value of a dental practice either being purchased or sold, and how to avoid the troublesome pitfalls of incorrectly piecing together this type of transaction.

Manage the changing climate in dental practice transitions by attending this timely and informative lecture and make your next transition a "win-win!"

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the Concepts of Transitions in order to build a plan for success: Selling, Buying, Partnerships, Associateships
• Dental Practice Valuation: Understand how to determine "Value"
• Proactive Transitions: Avoid the pitfalls of failed transitions, Build a plan for successful transitions

  • Course Code: T09
  • Time: 10:00am-12:59pm
  • Location: Renaissance Main Floor, Solana C
  • CE Credit: 3
  • Audience:
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  • Supported by: First Citizens Bank
Fred Heppner

Fred Heppner

Fred Heppner has been serving the dental industry since 1983. With his experience and knowledge in Practice Transitions, he has helped dentists sell and buy practices with “Win-Win” results. His transitions consulting company, ARIZONA TRANSITIONS, assists dentists in valuing, analyzing, buying and selling practices. Born in Portland, OR, Fred has relocated to several major cities during his career and has gained intimate knowledge of the business of dentistry in all corners of the U.S. Clients often consider Fred “a friend of the practice” who helps make sense of the complicated world of practice transitions. Having Fred on board means there is a commitment to the ongoing success of a practice transition where stress is reduced and people come away with mutually satisfying results.

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