Green Dentistry: What You Need to Know About THC and Oral Health:   (SOLD OUT)

Marijuana is the most common used recreational drug in the United States. Twenty-three states currently have some form of legalized marijuana; eight states have legalized it for recreational use. It is estimated that over 10% of the US population uses it at least once a year. This course will be an unbiased and evidence-based presentation of marijuana and its role in dentistry.

Learning objectives:
• Understand the pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of marijuana
• Understand how marijuana usage by patients effects their oral health; specific focus on oral pathology, caries risk, and periodontal disease
• Understand interactions of THC with commonly used prescribed medications and be familiar with medical emergencies related to THC
• Explore future areas of research in regards to periodontal health, wound healing, and caries control

  • Course Code: F08
  • Time: 9:30am-12:30pm
  • Location: Renaissance Main Floor, Solana E
  • CE Credit: 3
  • Meets BODEX Standard for Chemical Dependency
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Barry Taylor

Barry Taylor, DMD

Barry Taylor, DMD, is an Assistant Professor in Restorative Dentistry at the Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry. In addition he also is a part-time associate in private practice at Woodburn Community Dental. Prior to attending the OHSU School of Dentistry he worked as a research assistant for two year in the field of Neuropsychopharmacology at the U.S. Veteran’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Taylor has been awarded the “Dentist of the Year” from both the Oregon AGD and the Washington County Dental Society. He is also currently enrolled as a student in OHSU’s Human Investigation Program.

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Caroline DeVincenzi

Caroline DeVincenzi, DMD

Caroline DeVincenzi, DMD, is a MS candidate (2019) in Periodontics at Oregon Health Sciences University. She graduated from the OHSU School of Dentistry in 2016. She was awarded both the Academy of Operative Dentistry Award and the American Academy of Periodontology Award. She has provided basic literature reviews for the OHSU School of Dentistry CaseCAT poster presentations reviewing the relationships of type II diabetes and cannabis use with periodontal disease. Dr. DeVincenzi is currently planning to assess the incidence of periodontal disease among adult cannabis users in the Portland Metro area.

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