Avoiding Regulatory and Legal Traps I:

This is an all day program with six (6) CEUs. This course continues in the afternoon 1:30-4:00pm

In this session, Dr. Dovgan will define the Standard of Care. He will discuss two landmark cases that helped define the Standard of Care in dentistry. Participants will walk away with the understanding of legal terms such as Comparative Fault, Causation and Lose of Chance. Dr. Dovgan will share his developed template to understand what dental boards and malpractice cases look for on the four blanket allegations. In addition, he will share the top 11 mistakes dentists make during oral conscious sedation; top 10 mistakes dentists make at a permit evaluation and he'll explain how to recognize the lines that should not be crossed in dentistry along with how to recognize The Malpractice Lawsuit Process and your options.

Learning objectives:
• Define the standard of care.
• Recognize the two landmark cases that helped define the standard of care in dentistry.
• Understand legal terms, including "comparative, fault, causation, and loss of chance."

  • Course Code: T05AM
  • Time: 10:00am-12:30pm
  • Location: Renaissance Main Floor, Aurora A/B
  • CE Credit: 2.5
  • Audience:
  • Seating Taken:
John Dovgan

John Dovgan, DDS

John Dovgan, DDS, has been retained by both Defendants’ and Plaintiffs’ counsel as an expert in the area of dental standard of care and has been a continually practicing full-time dentist for over 28 years in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Dovgan is a board approved consultant for over 22 years, adjudicating more than 1200 dental board cases for the State of Arizona. Furthermore, Dr. Dovgan still currently consults and provides expert reports to the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners developing the only board-approved template for appropriateness of care used by dental consultants and board members. Dr. Dovgan currently lectures nationally on avoiding regulatory and legal traps.

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