When the Ship Misses the Harbor...It's Rarely the Ship's Fault:   (SOLD OUT)

This program is repeated on Friday afternoon at 1:30pm

As this session title suggests, there's a greater need for personal accountability within contemporary organizations. And nowhere is this more obvious than within a dental practice where we all depend on each other so much to deliver an extraordinary patient experience. Sound familiar? But can the challenging (even awkward) topic of personal accountability be delivered in a way that's fun, engaging, thought-provoking ... even inspirational? YES! This high-energy presentation is guaranteed to provide you with practical, 'immediately-implementable' ideas to increase levels of personal accountability and ownership, and reduce levels of entitlement, within a team environment. Dempster will have you laughing one minute and re-thinking your entire workday the next.

Learning objectives:
• Understand how to build and sustain a culture of accountability within a team and/or dental practice.
• Be able to employ the Results FormulaTM to establish personal accountability expectations within every member of a team and/or dental practice.
• Be able to implement the Step It!TM system to create individual ownership to the steps necessary to enhance goal attainment within a team and/or dental practice.

  • Course Code: F04
  • Time: 9:00am-11:59am
  • Location: Renaissance Main Floor, Cira A
  • CE Credit: 3
  • Audience:
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Neil Dempster

Neil Dempster

Neil Dempster is a Behavioral Engineer and RESULTant™ (a consultant who gets results!). As a student of the behavioral components of success, his passion is helping people and organizations achieve peak performance in a changing world. Whether delivering a keynote speech for a high-stakes conference or meeting, training managers and employees on performance improvement strategies, or consulting with a leadership team on human performance issues, he provides an uncanny ability to simplify the complex human behavioral aspects of life and work.

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