Understanding the Obstacles to Patient Commitment:   (SOLD OUT)

This program will be repeated Friday afternoon.

In today's competitive world of dentistry where there are dental practices on every corner giving services away and saying 'yes' to providing just a cleaning - HOW DO YOU COMPETE? This course creates a new mindset for Hygienists, Doctors, and the entire team that will transform the way they think about getting a patient to YES! Attendees will learn how to intentionally communicate a patient's needs in a way that moves them to ask the question "what do I do about it?" Expect to uncover the unintentional roadblocks that we create with our patients daily, while creating new behaviors and strategies for success

Learning objectives:
• Identify the 5 critical steps in the communication relationship that will result in patients saying yes
• Learn the critical key factors that patients must have in order to say YES to you
• Identify the obstacles to effectively communicating the degree of health/disease present in an impactful manner
• How to unlock a patient's values in order to be able to customize the treatment plan presentation
• Skills to ensure that patients show up for the appointment you worked so hard to schedule

  • Course Code: F05
  • Time: 9:00am-11:59am
  • Location: Renaissance Main Floor, Solana C/D
  • CE Credit: 3
  • Audience:
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Sarah Cottingham

Sarah Cottingham, RDH

Sarah Cottingham, RDH, is Director of Content for Spear Practice Solutions. Her successes lead her to owning and operating BCS Leadership, LLC a leading consulting firm responsible for helping grow dental practices across the US. In 2016 Sarah was approached by Spear Education about the newly developed Spear Practice Solution, she joined Spear as the Senior Manager of Spear Practice Solutions and is now leading the development of content for Spear Practice Solutions.

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